sobota, 30 marca 2013

Instagram diary

1. WOŚP/ 2. Great evening/ 3. Making cookies with grandma/ 4. 7:00 a.m./  5. Andy Warhol/ 6. Green tea/ 7. Childhood dream/ 8. Coffee and muffins with friends/ 9. Skiing with Ula/ 10. Sunny ski slope/ 11. Oatmeal with banana and cranberry/ 12.Coffee and music/ 13. Spare time with Harper's Bazaar Poland/ 14. Illness and boredom/ 15. My cute nephew/ 16. Pancakes/ 17. Drawing/ 18. Birthday cake/ 19.Gifts from friends/ 20. Oat bran snacks

                 A few photos from my instagram (four months of winter (which on the outside is all the time)) and Happy Easter!

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